7 Phases of Becoming A Strong Leader - Free Teleseminar

7 Phases of Becoming A Strong Leader

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Join Minister Ginger London, MA, BCC for this
FREE, high-content, 60-minute
7 Phases to Becoming a Strong Leader in
Ministry and Business to Live the Life
You Are Called to Live
The greatest thing you could ever do in understanding your calling is to develop and grow so that
you can live your life for the benefit of others.

Just because you are in a five-fold ministry office or you have a business vision, does not mean you
are already perfected (matured) for that office of assignment.

So if you have a desire to become a strong leader, I'd love to
show you
how to stand out in the Body of Christ as a
genuine, sincere, and godly leader.

Announcing my brand new *FREE*, high content, 60-minute
call "7 Phases to Becoming a Strong Leader."
Here's what you'll learn........

  • How your purpose is fulfilled when you benefit others
  • How God uses preparation for your first and future opportunities in ministry and business
  • Learn leadership principles that will keep you focused and successful

It's happening on
Tuesday, September 3 at 6:00pm CST, and you can reserve your
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Give me 60 minutes of your time, and I promise you, you'll get great content and leadership
tips and strategies that you can implement right away in developing your ministry calling
and life's assignment (purpose)!
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