"Go Get It!"
Making Time To Get Your Blessings  
The "Got To Get Myself Together!" virtual tele-conference is January 21st - February 2nd with
18 powerful and anointed tele-seminars and trainings on Kingdom Ministry/Business and
Kingdom Relationships.
The virtual conference this year will focus on teaching you how to make
time to get your blessings through intentional focus and launching out into the deep.

I will teach you how to
Prepare Yourself, Position Yourself and Possess What's Yours.  My new
year's gift to you is
"free registration" to listen to the live calls. You can upgrade your registration to
receive all of the replays for $49, a small investment to
"get yourself together!"

The teleconference is scheduled for two weeks with 2 teleseminars per day, mornings and evenings.

The first week, January 21-26, will be "Go Get It! Launch Out Into The Deep." This series is on
Kingdom Ministry and Business. The teleseminars for the first week are:

  • Getting Yourself Together - Preparing For the Blessing
  • Are Your Nets Cleaned?
  • Biblical Principles for Success
  • Framing Your Year with Pictures and Words
  • Intensify Your Focus: Having A Passion For Excellence
  • Be Creative, Kingdom Connections for Success
  • Right People and the Right Plan
  • How To Start A Teaching Ministry
  • How To Launch Your Speaking Business
  • Identify Your Blessings and Leave the Rest Alone.
  • BONUS Teleseminar: Grant Writing For Non-Profits

The second week, January 26-February 2, will be "Go Get It! Desires of Your Heart." This series
is on Relationships & Life Strategies. The teleseminars for the second week are:

  • Getting Yourself Together - Preparing For Relationships
  • Living Your Best Life
  • Liars, Cheaters, and Strap Setters
  • Dropped
  • Samson and Delilah Syndrome (2 Parts)
  • Discerning Your Boaz (Single Women)
  • Recognizing Your Ruth (Single Men)
  • All In The Family
  • Having A Great Year In Your Relationships

It's time to "Get Yourself Together!"  Don't miss this special virtual conference designed to help you
get it together to live a successful and victorious life!

Use the registration form below to fill in your registration information. You will be taken to another page
to make your registration selection between "live calls only" or "Live calls with replays."

Thank you and look forward to meeting with you to help you "get yourself together!"

Ginger London
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