"22 Days  of Maximizing
Business, Ministry, and Life!"
Making Time To Get Your Blessings  
The "Got To Get Myself Together!" virtual tele-conference is August 10- 31, 2014 with 22 powerful anointed tele-seminars and special Blog Talk Radio Shows  
on Kingdom Ministry, Business and Life. You will learn how to maximize specific areas of life and success to live the more abundant life.

I will teach you how to
Make the Most Of, Make the Best Use Of, and Take Full Advantage Of your God-empowered potential.

This summer teleconference is
"FREE " to listen to the live calls. You can upgrade your registration to receive all 22 replays for $97 until September 3, 2014, afterwards it goes
up to $297.00.

The teleconference is scheduled for three weeks with 2 teleseminars per day, mornings and afternoon lunch and learns. Additionally, there will be special evening Blog Talk
Radio Shows.

August 10 - 20, 2014, will be "Maximizing Ministry, Business, and Careers." This series will include topics such as....

  • Getting Yourself Together - The Importance of Making A Committed Decision to Succeed
  • Are Your Nets Cleaned?
  • Timing!
  • Business and Ministry Development Days on a Budget
  • Be Thy Courageous - Building Your Confidence For Success
  • Help! I Need A Mentor
  • Monetize Your Knowledge
  • How To Start A Teaching Ministry
  • Stir Up The Gift - Fanning The Flame of Your Assignment
  • Stop Doing Things Out of Grace
  • BONUS Teleseminar: Grant Writing For Non-Profits
  • and more......

August 21 - 31, 2014, will be "Maximizing Life Strategies." This series is will include topics such as....

  • Getting Yourself Together - Managing Your Daily Life
  • The Influence of Social Media On Health
  • Liars, Cheaters, and Strap Setters (Relationships)
  • Who Are You Running With?
  • Samson and Delilah Syndrome (Relationships)
  • Don't Bring Home Another Project!
  • So Long Insecurities
  • Self-Improvement On A Budget
  • Help! I Need A Life Coach
  • and more.....

It's time for the Got To Get Myself Together Summer check-in to see how you are doing with "getting yourself together!" Don't miss this special teleconference designed to help
you get it together to live a successful and victorious life!

Use the registration form below to fill in your registration information. You will be taken to another page to make enter your information for live calls or for the upgrade.

Thank you and look forward to meeting with you to help you "get yourself together!"

Ginger London
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