ATTENTION: Small business owners, Christian ministries, authors and coaches who want to do greater works reaching a
larger audience...
"Are you ready to STOP being the best-kept secret in your field and START making money sharing your expertise?"
Is it time? Time for you to start doing greater works by hosting your own highly profitable, content-rich events
that transform people's lives in a big way?  
If YES, Discover How YOU Can Easily and Painlessly Plan and Host Live Events That Will Build Your Business or Ministry and Increase Your Reach  
in a Big Way!"

It's time for you to do some
"Greater Works Live!" It's time for you to Present Yourself to the World in a Big Way!
The fact is, there's nothing like a live event to...

Establish Your Expertise and Authority in a Powerful Way

During this virtual conference, my special guests and  I’d like to teach you my secrets for hosting live events making the difference you were put on
the earth to make!

You see, I’ve structured and led live events that give great value and great profits at the same time! Some have been events from my home!

Learn the Exact Strategies Used by Other Successful Business Owners, Ministry Leaders, Authors and Coaches to Plan and Host Live Events.

If there's one thing you've probably learned in business or ministry, it's that the fastest way to success is to follow in the footsteps of others.

This 2 Weeks virtual conference is designed to show you just what steps you need to take, and when, starting with...
Types of Events & How to Choose the Right Experience for Your Clients and Customers Around the World
5 popular event formats - plus tips for choosing the right one for your market and comfort level
2 questions you must be able to answer before planning any event - miss this and your well-planned event might be a dismal failure
6 major benefits of hosting an event of your own, no matter the size
Planning Your Stress-Free, Hassle-Free Live Event
13 questions to ask yourself when making critical event decisions
4 people you should consider hiring, regardless of the size of your event - remember, you can't do everything yourself!
7 decisions you need to make before you begin planning - skip this part and you run the risk of doubling your work.
Marketing Strategies to Sell Tickets &  Fill Seats for Your Live Event
Live Event Income Streams: How to Make Money Before, During, and After Your Event
What Is a Virtual Event, and What Can It Do  For My Business
9 Types of Virtual Events and MUCH, MUCH MORE!!!
As you can clearly see, this virtual conference will teach you how to be well on your way to hosting popular, profitable, and stress-free live events.
Whether it's your first or your 50th, this conference will help you clarify your goals, identify what your market really wants, and how to pull it all
together smoothly.

You'll look like a pro, and even more importantly, you'll firmly establish yourself as a true leader in your industry.
Discover How to do "GREATER WORKS LIVE!"
Presenting yourself to the world with you  Own Live Events
and Enjoying the Powerful Benefits
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The virtual conference is scheduled for two weeks with 2 teleclasses and 1 Radio Show each day, mornings, afternoons and evenings.
Use the registration forms below to make your registration selection. You will be taken to another page to complete your registration based on your
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Remember, if you first choose the free registration, you will have until June 30th to upgrade.

Thank you and look forward to meeting with you to help you to do "greater works live!"

Ginger London
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Cassandra Lang, Special Guest
Exposure Expert & Encourager
"Create Your World"
Vanessa Weatherspoon, Special Guest
Spiritual Leader & Business Builder
"Gathering of the Eagles"
"The Master Call"
Ginger London, MA, BCC
Conference Host
Ginger London Ministries