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Proclamation is defined as the act of saying something in a public, official, or in a definite way : the act of proclaiming something to make known openly or publicly.

Has God given you a message to declare to the masses?

Does God want you to reach more people with your message?

Does God want you to do more with what He has entrusted to you?

Have you said "yes" to the call of God on your life and you are ready get going with it?

Your voice is powerful!
You have been created to do greater works and you have been given one of the best and greatest gifts given to mankind to create, shape and
transform the lives of others, as well as, your own life.
This gift is called “Proclamation!” – the ability to speak.

The words you speak can cause great happiness, enlighten a soul and heart, brighten a day, change a mind, ease a heart’s pain, or set someone on the right path.

As an anointed, powerful, faith-inspired proclaimer, you probably are feeling a pulling in your spirit to release the God-given wisdom, principles, strategies, spiritual
teachings, and testimonies to the world to impact and impart in the lives of others to help bring change and life transformation.

KNOW IT’S TIME and YOUR TURN to proclaim your message, but you’re at a loss on how to do it as big as you are feeling it in your spirit on the inside.

Does this sound familiar to you?

* God has given you a message but you don’t know hot get it to the masses.
* You have a message but you don’t know who it’s for.
* You are a preacher without a  congregation or somewhere to preach.
* You are a counselor without any clients.
* You are a spiritual or information teacher without a class.
* You’re not sure on how to get your proclamation started.
* You’re tired of being the best kept secret in the faith community, community at large or marketplace.
* You’re feeling stuck in ministry or business because you don’t have anywhere to speak.
*  You’re lacking creativity in presenting and packaging your message.
* You long for an experienced mentor or coach to guide you through positioning yourself to be seen and heard.

If this sounds familiar to you, then Proclamation is ordained for you. It’s time for you to be heard and seen in a big way.

Being gifted and anointed to speak has some divinely ordained benefits.

  • It positions you on a platform for others to hear you.
  • It enlarges your territory for more people to hear you.
  • You are recognized as an expert and trusted spiritual leader.
  • You become a magnet to attract provisions for your vision and message.
  • It positions you to be a blessing to others.
  • You understand your calling and you have a desire to fulfill it experiencing spiritual blessings daily.
  • It positions you for promotion.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll get in our comprehensive 2-day teleseminar  training:

DAY 1 July 14th – Discovering Your Compelling Message (2 hours of teaching/interaction)

Forget feeling you don’t have a certain area of expertise…we all have something to offer. On this first day I will help you tap into the message or knowledge you want to
provide to your assigned audience/group/clients.
Here is what I will teach on ........

  • Craft and structure your compelling message. You must get crystal clear on the transformational outcome your assigned people will get from your message and
    service and learn how to communicate it!
  • Finding your true value to your audience
  • How to develop and nurture your message/knowledge
  • How you can build and feel confident presenting your message.
  • Create an instant connection with your audience, assigned people, or social media following so you quickly become someone they know, like and trust.
  • Timing! How to manage your time in planning and creativity sessions so it can fit in whatever time you're allotted or time you have scheduled for your message.
  • My private step for creating and developing a structure for your message that allows you to be in the spirit to deliver your message and so that
      you can monetize your expertise from it.

DAY 2 July 15th – Delivering Your Message -  Creating Your Content, Strategies and Ideas (2 hours of teaching/interaction)

You have a ton of options when it comes to monetizing your knowledge. Whether it’s through offering free online content, holding webinars or selling information products, we’ll
talk about the benefits and potential drawbacks of each approach to help you decide your chosen path.
Here is what I will teach on ........

  • Learn how to become a creative powerhouse -The Key Traits of Creative People
  • Unlocking the Flow – Common Barriers to Creativity- Learn how to stay in the flow of ministry or business even when you don't see anything happening.
  • The 3 Types of Content You Must Create
  • Create a Product that Blows the Mind of Your Audience and Keeps Them Coming Back For More!
  • Spreading the Word About Your Message
  • Brainstorming and guidance to help you determine your best delivery methods
  • Packaging and Pricing your content so it’s attractive and useful to your audience/clients/customers
  • Selling Information Products
  • Creating Email Courses
  • Getting started with blogs, teleseminars, webinars and radio shows

So to recap, here's what you're going to get:

4 Hours of Specialized Interactive Teaching with Ginger

Bonus #1  Worksheets

Bonus #2 Templates and Checklists

Yes, Ginger I'm Ready to enlarge my territory with my message. I'm Ready to Proclaim!        
**Attention ministers, evangelists, psalmist, spiritual teachers, pastors, authors, speakers, trainers, healers, experts,
Christian entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, life coaches, information teachers/speakers and messengers…**
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